If you are suffering from coughing, and the air in the room you live in is dry, it can cause serious discomfort. When you breathe in the dry air, the cough becomes dry, that leads to making it harder to cough out, causing trouble while breathing. Dryness can irritate the breathing tract as well.

As a result of using a humidifier, you take in moist air, which dampens the cough making it easier to cough out. However, you must know how to maintain a humidifier so that it doesn't cause any additional respiratory problems.

Yes, sometimes if humidifiers can cause respiratory problems too.
Since moisture tends to promote microorganisms to grow, humidifiers need to be maintained to prevent this from happening. If it is not washed regularly microbes will grow and escape into the air with moisture from the device. Causing more hazard for breathing in the process.

How to clean the humidifiers?

Since moisture provides the perfect environment for bacteria growth, microbes will likely start to grow inside the humidifier and these microbes will be released in the air, along with moisture. If you want to prevent this you will need to keep the humidifier clean.

You need to open the tanks and empty the contents. After that wipe it dry and refill it again. The tank must be washed and scrubbed with disinfected every third day.
For specific instructions for humidifier of your choice please read manufacturer manual.

What do you need to know about refilling a humidifier?

We all know that filling up the humidifier with water will keep it running. But what type of water do you fill it up with?

If you are using tap water, than you must know that tap water contains dissolved minerals. So, when moisture will be released from the humidifier, it will spread across the minerals together with the moisture. Breathing in vaporized minerals can be harmful to your health. The bad effects it has on your health is still not clear, but it is best to avoid tap water.

Use distilled water to refill your humidifier. It is because distilled water is not only free from minerals, but it also prevents bacterial growth. In effect, if you use distilled water, you can avoid both the threats altogether.

Best humidifiers for coughing problems.

Up until now, we have discussed how humidifiers can improve your health and how it can threaten your health as well Now we will discuss some of the humidifiers that you can buy from the market.

LEVOIT Cool Mist Humidifier

It is an ultrasonic humidifier that produces mist to moisten your room atmosphere. Not only it increases the humidity of your room, but it also kills the germs, and bacteria that live in the air. It makes sure that you breathe in fresh air free from microbes and minerals, which could affect your lungs. In addition to being a humidifier, it also has aromatic capabilities. When you are having problems sleeping in the night, turn on the aromatherapy. Within minutes you will find your room filled with pleasing fragrance to help you sleep comfortably in the bed.


  • Big tank - can hold up to 1.1 gallons of water (4.5l).
  • Can run for 40 hours keeping the air humid the way you want it.
  • You can control the level of air humidity or leave it to be automatically adjusted.
  • Ultrasonic air diffusion.
  • Easy to clean and fill up.

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Crane Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifiers

A humidifier to keep in your child's room. You will find them in many exciting shapes for children. Aside from adults, children are the ones who suffer from cold problems. If they are not taken care off properly, a simple cold can easily develop into influenza or similar diseases. Giving your child a humidifier can save him from a lot of difficulties. During the winter, the heater can make paints crack, wallpapers to fall off, and some other similar problems. The humidifier makes sure that the heat and dryness avoid these dilemmas.


  • Ultrasonic facilities, so it won't trouble your child while sleeping.
  • 24 hours continuosly work.
  • Safe for children.

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