Exercises, diet plans, along with other things, have been the center of attraction for people lately. One of the essential things you should consider to take care of your health is your posture. Posture is the positions, in which we sit, stand, or take rest. A good posture requires you to hold your body in a way that puts less strain on your back. Since our childhood days, we keep hearing to maintain our posture. We will discuss how a good position benefits you and how a bad attitude affects your body.

Advantages of a good posture:

  1. Appearance: Let's start with your presence. When you maintain a good position by keeping your body straight when you stand and sit, your spines are well stretched, and your back becomes straight. Thus, it makes you look presentable when you stand or sit.
  2. Relaxed and Functional Body: When you maintain good posture, your body feels comfortable, and you feel energized to do your daily activities. Due to the perfect balance between your muscles and your spines, you can perform a lot of works. In addition to that, you do not feel any pain in the back and shoulder muscles.
  3. Positive effect on the mental health: Maintaining a good health keeps you healthy mentally. A good posture lets you think freely and feel stress-free. When you don't stress, you are open to positivity. Thus maintaining a good position helps you keep motivated.
  4. Proper Digestion: When you sit and stand straight, the stomach is well stretched as per your need. It helps your digestive organs to function correctly as they are no twisted or bent unnecessarily. Thus a good posture enables you to maintain proper digestion.
  5. Good Cardiovascular Health: Standing and sitting straight ultimately means keeping your body straight all the time. This helps your lungs to breather properly as there is no obstruction in the process. With the flow of the proper amount of oxygen, your heart also functions flawlessly. As a result, you achieve good cardiovascular health.

Disadvantages of a bad posture:

  1. Appearance: Once again, we start with your appearance. Bad posture leads to a curved spine that is quite visible. When not corrected in time, the spines can be curved permanently. This will make your appearance look bad.
  2. Painful Body: Hunching over for a long time resulting in a disturbance in the blood flow to your brain, which results in headache and pain in the neck. In addition to this, a bad posture makes the connection between your muscles and spines lose its balance. This puts uneven stress in your muscles and resulting in severe pain and uneasiness. You are even prone to a syndrome known as carpal tunnel syndrome.
  3. Blood Circulation: A lousy posture causes to bad blood circulations. As your spines start getting curved as well as the other body parts are pressed unnecessarily This results in the improper lousy flow of blood in the body Once the blood circulation is inadequate you have to face several other problems.
  4. Poor digestion: As good posture keeps your body straight the bad posture results in a curved body and also affects internal organs among which stomach is one This leads to producing either more or less of whatever the substance your stomach needs to produce which results in poor digestion.
  5. Fatigue: As a result of all the other effects of bad posture like poor blood circulation, poor digestion, headache, pain in the various parts of the body and much more the body always seems fatigued. You feel a lack of energy which leads to other problems in your health.
  6. Negativity: With a fatigued body, no one has had a calm mind. The fatigue and painful body lead your to mind to stress. In addition to this, it also starts to build in various other mental problems. As a result, your mind does not feel motivated, and only negative thoughts start surrounding you.
  7. Bad Cardiovascular Health: When you have a curved spine in your body, it makes it challenging to take in as much oxygen as you need. As a result, your heart cannot function at its best. Thus you get tired quickly resulting in terrible cardiovascular health.
  8. Problems with sleep: As all the functions in your body get disturbed, especially the breathing pattern, your mind cannot rest properly. In addition to this, when the body is not aligned correctly it affects your sleep. Now that you know why you need to maintain good posture, let us discuss the things you need to do to maintain good posture.

How to keep good posture, while you sit:

  • Keep your foot on a footrest when your foot does not reach the floor.
  • Do not lean on the back of your sit. Maintain some distance.
  • Keep your knees below or at the level of your hips.
  • Do not put more pressure on your shoulders.
  • Do not sit in the same position for a more extended period.

While you stand:

  • Keep your weight on the back of your feet. This will help you maintain your balance better and stand straight.
  • Make sure you bend your knees slightly. This will ensure that you don't put a lot of pressure on your knee joints.
  • Pull you back straight, and your arms hung naturally so that the blood flows properly.
  • Keep your neck straight as the blood needs to reach your brain, and the nerves need to remain straight.

If you follow these things, you can achieve a good posture. However, one cannot support all the rules in day to day life. In the busy life surrounded by tons of work, it is practically impossible to always care about your posture.

Technology which help in keeping correct posture

But don't worry, in this modern world of technology, some accessories take the responsibility of maintaining your posture. There are some of the accessories that you might want to take a look at to maintain your position and not face the consequences of developing a bad posture. Not only these devices help you maintain posture, but they also help you improve your posture from bad to good.

Upright GO Posture Trainer

This product is a device that you can place on your upper back. It is quite comfortable as it is small and strapless. This device has a built in a reminder that gently vibrates to remind you to sit and stand properly. Along with that, this device has Upright app programmed to generate personalized training program that provides you different goals to help you improve your posture. This device also gives you the exact statistics of your measurements and improvements. It also gives you feedback for more efficiency. The tracking mode in this device keeps a track of your activities even after you finish your daily training. This device has only one fault that it is not waterproof so you might want to take of it.

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Dakik Posture Corrector

This device is a posture corrector that is used to maintain your posture or correct your position if you have a bad one. It is a unisex device that has a lumbar support that helps you keep your back straight. It is made up of breathable material, so it does not press hard on your front part of the body. It has enough space so that you do not have a problem while breathing. It is very effective to correct your slouching and hunching habits. As the use of this product leads you to better posture, you feel less stress and pain in your muscles. This product is invisible when you wear inside your clothe and comes with a guarantee for a lifetime In addition to this the company offers to send you a replacement or refund you if you don't like this product.

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Jasain Posture Corrector

This is also a device that helps you to maintain good posture or correct your posture if you have bad one It not only helps you correct your problems but also helps you to get rid of problems related to a hunchback or slumped shoulders. This device is made of soft and breathable material that allows you to wear this inside or outside of your cloth. It has a sideband that allows you to adjust the corrector without having to take it off. This device is useable while you are performing any activity. It weighs only 7 ounces and fits anybody with chest circumference between 29 to 45 inches. There are no specified warranty for this product; however, the company assures you to refund your money if you are unsatisfied return the product within 30 days of purchase.

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Leonisa Posture Support Wireless Bra

As the name suggests, this product is dedicated to the women. It comes in varies sizes like the regular bra. This is a multi-functional bra that is made from powerslim fabric to provide you firm compression. The high-coverage underarm is designed to streamline your silhouette while the crisscross bands provide your back support your back to improve your posture. It also compresses your bust very well and gives them a naturally rounded shape. This bra is padded with three levels of adjustable straps for more comfort. With six rows and two levels of adjustable front hook closure for the perfect fit, you do not have to worry about this bra being seen under your clothes. It is especially recommended for post surgical use. Made from 90% polyamide and 10% elastane with an interior lining of 91% polyamide and 9% elastane this bra is dedicated for your comfort.

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All the products mentioned above are very lightweight, washable (except the Upright Go Posture Trainer) and are committed to improving your posture.

Now that you know why the good position is necessary and the products that help you maintain good posture or correct your lousy posture let's take a look at the things you need to consider while getting one of the products.

  • Quality: Checking the quality of the product before buying it is essential. Ensure to get the best quality products for the best results.
  • Size: See if the product is in the size that fits you. If the size is not correct, there is no benefit from the posture corrector and might even have adverse effects.
  • Comfort: See if the product you are about to buy is comfortable for you or not You might be wearing the posture corrector for quite a long time during the day so the comfort of the product really matters so that you can continue your day to day to work without any disturbance.
  • Maintenance and Durability: These things should be taken care of so that you don't much time maintaining them or end up buying another one pretty soon. Some products demand to dry-clean, whereas others are washable so you might want to keep that in mind.

Let us look onto the things you should consider after you buy a posture corrector.

  • Read the instructions about how to use the postural corrector carefully.
  • Start by wearing the posture corrector for only 30 minutes every day Once you get comfortable and familiar with the corrector you can increase the time you want to wear it
  • If you feel uneasiness, then take off the posture corrector and consult a physician instantly.
  • Do not wear the posture corrector while you sleep.

So now that you know the benefits and disadvantages of good and bad postures, the products that help you maintain and correct your posture, things you need to consider while getting a posture corrector and the ways to use it you should step out and work on keeping your position. If you already have a good posture, you might want the posture corrector to maintain it, and if you have a bad posture, you should immediately get a posture corrector and set yourself on the path to gain a good posture.