Every person knows that migraines are very annoying and they can be extremely hard to deal with when they appear.

But what exactly are migraines and how can you relieve the pain that comes with them? This is the main focus on this article which will help you relieve the pain and understand what you are dealing with.

What are the symptoms of migraine headaches?

Migraines are headaches that can change from various levels. Migraines can start with a very short and not so hurtful headache and than continue with a series of headaches, some of which can be very painful.

With migraine, there are multiple feelings that can come around such as the feeling of nausea or vomiting, sound and sight sensitivity and many others. Migraines can last for a long time, whether it's one hour or even a few hours.

To some people, before they deal with migraines, they have the so-called aura which can serve as a warning symptom. This warning symptom can be when you have a flashes of light or some blind spots.

That is just one of the usual signs of a migraine that is about to start. Migraines can be very hard to deal with. The symptoms of migraine can appear in different periods of time. They can show up at any time, regardless if it's during childhood, adolescence and adulthood and it can affect different people of different age. But what's worse about migraines is that they can not only change your daily activities but they can also also cause some trouble with your body as well. Migraines can very easily lead to mood changes such as depression and anxiety. They can cause frequent yawning, food cravings and a lot more unusual things.

The aura migraine can cause very strange things to the human body such as the feelings of having pins and needles on various body parts, mainly the arms and/or legs. Then there are also the difficulty of speaking with others, hearing sounds and different noises that can occur If it is not treated, a migraine can last as long as 72 hours. Besides the feeling of vomiting and nauseating, the pain can throb and pulse and there are very bad headaches that can only be felt and hardly described.

After the migraine a person can feel dizzy, confused and even tired and that is because, regardless of how long it's been affecting the person, it has caused various symptoms that are not common to the human nature.

Whenever you feel like you are dealing with symptoms of migraine, the first thing to do would be to see a doctor as they have many different ways to help. Some of these ways are medications but it's not just the medications that can help with the migraine. Most doctors usually suggest people to check their lifestyle and their way of life and actually make some changes. These changes can be fatal as they could eventually stop the migraines from appearing again anytime soon.

Alternative Treatments for Migraine Headaches

It's not just the above-mentioned options that can help people fight the nauseating feeling of migraine. There are other ways such as behavioural treatments. A behavioural treatment could be a simple exercise such as running or walking. The behavioural treatments can last 15 to 20 minutes and there are also diets, visualisations and sexual activity that are among some of the most common behavioural treatments.

Reportedly, all of them are able to help prevent the migraine. Almost everyone who deals with migraine goes on to use a medication that can help them ease up the pain. Some of the famous migraine pain killers are: aspirin, memantine, methylergometrine and others. Those pharmacological drugs have a huge amount of beta-blockers, ketoprofen, athenlol and many other ingredients that help with defeating the pain. The other ways that some people go for a surgery and medical devices. Medical devices such as neurostimulation or biofeedback are known to be very successful as well and much more effective than the medicaments.

The most successful way to get rid of migraine is surgery. Doctors do surgeries on patients such as arterial surgery where they work with the blood vessels who are studied and believed to cause migraine. Other surgeries are nerve decompression, botulinum toxic injection and closure of patent foramen ovale. But not everyone is ready to sit on the surgery table and deal with doctors, especially not when studies have shown that there are way less painful ways to avoid migraine.

Rose-tinted glasses for migraines

One of these ways of preventing migraine is the scientifically approved rose hue glasses. The method with rose tinted glasses apparently has a great effect and it can help people with migraine symptoms deal with them a lot faster. In fact, these studies show that wearing glasses with the rose tint can prevent from migraine appearing ever again.

One of the studies that was published in the journal "Cephalagia" which included 22 people. Half of them had no headaches and half of them were dealing with the aura migraine. The people who participated in the study were asked to look at a pattern that's full of high-contrast colours such as grey and rose lenses. The rose tint was proven to be more effective. Speaking of studies, it is important to mention the story of Dwyane Wade who has tried any different things since his childhood. Wade has experimented a lot since than and has proven that the black tint goggles also help in dealing with migraine. But not everyone who wears black sees such a difference and the pink tinted glasses remain the best colour for dealing with the painful migraine.

If you are looking for rose tinted glasses for migraines then you should definitely check out these products. Both of them can be found on Amazon and they are very unique.

GloFX Color Therapy Glasses

The first product is the GloFX Color Therapy Glasses that can be purchase in not just pink but other colours as well. The shades can be found in colours blue, green, orange, red, yellow, violet and many more.

All of the different shades have different powers. For example, if you want some feeling of love and harmony then you can go for the green glasses. If you are looking for some creativity and inspiration, you can try the violet shad. The pink shades are superior because they are very effective with not just migraine but other types of headache. They are the perfect shade to help you with migraine.

Not only they can be used to protect your sight from the UVA and UVB sun rays but they are wonderful for battling migraine. Moreover, migraine doesn't seem to appear that much when you are using the GloFX Color Therapy Glasses.

They have been bought and tested by hundreds of people and the reviews prove that they are indeed working. The glasses are made of plastic cover and they have plastic lenses. They are made of high quality and have stainless steel hinges.

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AXON Optics Jura

They are beautiful and look good on everyone. Most importantly, they are extremely useful. These shades are made of plastic frame and high quality materials. They have a Spectrashield-41 lens that makes them very powerful.

But of all of their qualities, AXON Optics Jura are 100% guaranteed to help people fight migraine.

They have been tested after multiple clinical examinations. Not only they are water repellent but they are also resistant to things such as scratches and debris. All of these qualities make them truly the top glasses when it comes to dealing with migraine without any medications, medical treatments or surgeries.

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It's very important for anyone with migraine to consult with a specialist or any doctor in that field because that way they will be certain that glasses can help them just like any other medication, medical treatment or surgery.

Consultations with doctors are always a good idea because that way you can know for sure whether you should expect an improvement with any of the two shades. Both of the glasses, especially AXON Optics Jura can help and the reviews and purchases prove that but it's good to consult with specialist beforehand to be sure that there isn't something else that has to be checked. Certain symptoms might not lead to migraine and that could be a key factor in visiting a doctor. One thing is certain, both of these glasses were made to help you have a happy life and be free of any migraines or headaches.