What effects does regular running bring? Is it worth to start doing jogging?

Running is a great way to reduce stress level. It stimulates the weight losing processes and thanks to that it improves self-esteem. Except that it has beneficial influence on cardiovascular system and locomotor system by strengthening our joints and bones. What is interesting is that training indirectly neutralizes the risk of having a cataract because it lowers the blood pressure and helps to deal with obesity and diabetes.

Can running change your body shape?

The answer to that question is simple – of course yes! Running activity changes our body figure. It is the aerobic type of training, during which big amount of calories are being burnt. This type of activity acts also as a cardio training due to the fact that it brings the heart rate up for the whole training duration. Thanks to that after some time the fatty acids are the source of energy for our organism. With regular, about hour long running activity we will start noticing the effects – body circumferences and weight will be lower.

Running for a long period of time is exhausting, that is why it is important to take breaks for a day. Such days allow organism to recover after training.

Sticking to appropriate diet is very important in order to make effects occur faster. Above all else you need to avoid caloric surplus and drink proper amount of water every day.

How does running change a woman's body?

Every woman dreams about looking young and shapely. However not all of them know that running can provide it. As I have already mentioned earlier, running activity has a positive influence on the health of our body. It reinforces the heart muscle, makes condition of the cardiovascular system better, allows to neutralizes numerous ailments and complaints and also it has beneficial influence on mental abilities.

Regular jogging helps higher growth hormone level which is considered as a rejuvenating hormone. However one has to remember about regeneration because without it the level of growth hormone is lower than usual. Because of that it will not show rejuvenating effects.

Concerning stress reduction mentioned earlier, we owe this effect to another hormones which belong to "happiness hormones" group – endorphins. Apart from stress reduction, they contribute to delay the process of aging. These hormones are also responsible for strengthening the immunology system and help in easing pain.

Endorphins together with dopamine, which is neurotransmitter considered as a pleasure transmitter, can help in making running activity a habit. Fortunately there is nothing to worry about, such habit is a recommended one!

While we are talking about stress, we should also mention cortisol. First of all it is causing higher level of glucose in blood. Apart from that it affects the process of breakdown of proteins after physical activity and also it activates lipolysis.

Through its action it is helpful in burning the fat tissue. However you have to remember that during stressful situations cortisol level in blood rises significantly. As a result, instead of helping us to reduce the fat, it is causing our organism to store it.

Coming back to the lipolysis process, it is also being started by two another hormones: adrenaline and noradrenaline. These hormones are created during a long training, which can be a running training. Thanks to its properties they have a positive influence on the fat tissue reduction in our organism.

While we are talking about adrenaline and noradrenaline, we can't forget about one more thing they do. These hormones aid our concentration which has meaningful impact on results in learning or executing some mental tasks. That means that thanks to these two hormones we can not only achieve our ideal body shape but also get promoted!

Women body shape can benefit from running a lot.

What does running do for your legs?

While thinking about running you may ask yourself a question: which parts of body does running tone the most? It is obvious that during executing this activity, the most involved muscles are leg muscles. Taking that into account no one should be surprised that these body parts are being shaped the most quickly during the regular trainings.

At the beginning there will be noticeable reductions of fat tissue and the next step is beautiful muscles outline visible. One has to remember that leg muscles will not grow as a result of running on its own. For that process to occur there is appropriate diet needed, containing high amount of protein, and strength training for these part of body.

To summarize: if you do running activity on a regular basis and your nutrition is healthy, your legs will look thin with smooth muscles outline visible.

What does running tone?

As stated in the last paragraph, because running activity strongly relies on the legs' involvement, such training can result in shaping our legs. But that is not the only benefit for body muscles from that activity.

During the running process whole body is doing some work, apart from the legs the most important parts of the body here are abdominal, core. Giving these muscles some exercise to do and developing them can only improve our everyday life, which often forces us to spend many hours of every day in a sitting position.

Regular jogging can help in toning abdominal and core muscles but just like in case of leg muscles, another thing that is needed in order to achieve this is appropriate diet.

Running and music

Music can be beneficial for your running performance

Many joggers, when moving out for a training, take their smartphones and headphones with them. During running, music can play many roles. It is not only makes this time more pleasant, but it serves as a motivator. Some people say that music is a mental doping. In this case it is another thing caused by endorphins because listening to favourite list of songs results in creating them.

By doing so, music has influence on emotional states of people. Thanks to that it can act as a motivator, support or just help us to relax and have a pleasant time during training.

Apart from that music has a strong influence on heart rate and blood pressure. By listening calm tones we stimulate parasympathetic system of our brain, while by listening intensive and energising tones we stimulate sympathetic system. This has result in making metabolic processes occur quicker, making muscle energy higher or lower and changing regularity and depth of breaths. According to scientists, calm music has a more lasting effect.

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