Disclaimer: This is a guest post from Tom who wanted to tell us about his recent discovery of a product that he enjoys.

Hi, before I give my opinion on the FitTrack Dara Smart BMI Digital Scale I would like to give you some highlights of what I am and what kind of device I was looking for. I am a 27-year-old programmer and it was my girlfriend who insisted on buying a solid fit track scale.

How to fight visceral fat?

We used to work-out from time to time and now we decided to truly improve our body health as well as its appearance, so my goal is to gain muscles and my girlfriend aims at losing some weight. Moreover, the point is that we are both vegans. You might believe or not, but commonly known as a very healthy and environmentally friendly diet often causes mineral, vitamin, or nutrition deficits. Therefore I was worried that we might be struggling with visceral fat, even if most of the time we stick with our wholesome diet. Before having a fit track scale we got our blood tested (went well!) and now we are gonna make those results stay stable as long as possible.

How did we find FitTrack Weight Scale?

Anyway, we were looking for a fit track scale mostly because we wanted to stay motivated with our training program and hold down evening snack temptations. I shopped around for something reliable and multifunctional with highly-efficient software. Recently we were disappointed by two previous scales and were determined to find a device from a medium price range and stop spending money on unreliable brands.

We found Amazon’s scale quickly but it wasn’t our first choice because of the price. The problem with previous two scales was that what producer used to promise was unfunctional – the technology hung a lot (i.e. I had to get on the scale three times instead of one because the device requested resetting), the app was not well coded and did not connect well (which made me frustrated, as I work as a backend programmer) or there was no app at all.

But now I am truly positive that FitTrack Dara Smart BMI Digital Scale is worth its price – because it is not just a throwaway gadget, it’s an investment for our health. We’ve been using Amazon’s fit track scale for a month or so now and we are ready to share our opinion.

Check price of FitTrack Digital Scale on Amazon

I’ll start with the benefits. First of all FitTrack Dara has a cool, minimalistic design and is not heavy at all. It fits in with our bathroom, looks nice on the floor, and does not take too much space. Perfect for those who appreciate modern designs.

BMI, Water Mass & Fat Mass Scale

Secondly, there is a huge variety of ratios to compare and measurements to track one’s body condition – starting from showing your overall weight, through BMI, BFP, water mass and bone mass to muscle mass as well as fat mass and even metabolism rate, which is complex enough for us. As I said before, our goal is to track our progress in gaining muscles and losing fat (not water, so I appreciate the water ratio). It is worth mention that we didn’t handle yet to check each of measurement but hopefully the device will not break soon and other rates will be useful for us in the future.

Weight Scale App

Next, I adore the combination of the device and app. Although the scale remembers and archives the measurements itself, you obviously cannot take it outside with you to share the progress with someone else. The app is also very useful when we compare our results or want to share them with our nutritionist while being outside the house. It rarely lags and I, once again, I love the software.

What is satisfying in usage both fit track scale and the app it that navigating this synchronization seems intuitive. First, you have to download the app and register your device/phone number. Secondly your switch on the scale and connect it with your phone via Bluetooth and from now on your smartphone is fully integrated with all the 17 key statistics.

Measure your progress

What I like the most on the scale is that it automatically tracks and compares your progress every time you get on it.

Last but not least, the device can recognize and track up to 8 users. There’s just two of us so recently we let our parents weight themselves using the app. I hope they found their result motivating and will pay more attention to the quality of their food and rest. They can keep their result in secret because all the measurements, stats, and history are private (assigned to a particular user of the app).


Thus fat we recognized only one severe caveat and I would like to share our way to cope with this. Sometimes the fit track tells -/+ 5 % accuracy. You may not pay attention to it but this might be a legit inconvenience for someone who needs to know the precise numbers. We know of the difference because during our searchers for a good scale we got body scan on a professional grade machine on our gym. My girlfriend finds this discrepancy annoying, but nothing is perfect, so we manage the way to handle this. After checking out our body scan, we compared the result showed in-app, then we counted the disparity and now we treat our result in line with the exhibited discrepancy. I would like to stress that not everyone has to do this. But we just wanted to have the most accurate result, because recently, as I mentioned, we try to lose some weight and gain muscles and we must keep up with our body’s changes. Besides, the proportion of measurements does not fluctuate – so it is easy for us to subtract the added percentage.

Check price of FitTrack Digital Scale on Amazon


Summing up, I find this FitTrack Dara Smart BMI Digital Scale worth its price, and I enjoy the very simple and straightway to exploit it. It fulfills our needs and even when the accuracy is not truly legitimate it still gives us the data to analyze.