Running gloves is no more merely a nice gadget for professional sportsmen. Its new and innovative attributes seem to be adequate not just for weight lift but also for outdoor running, pitching a tent, fishing, or for struggling with slippery odds and sods during rainy or stormy weather.

The designs and functions of this inconspicuous part of leisurewear have become an important element for other everyday activities.

The multiple benefits of using running gloves might increase the user’s comfort and even their safety.

We gathered a full overview to help you decide what type and model of outdoor gloves might be a solution for freezing or sweating hands. Here are some examples of appropriable gloves that every active person would like to try out.

Simple & Classic

HEAD Sensatec Touchscreen Running Gloves

Rated 4.6 out of 5

Let’s start with the basics. If you’re looking for high-quality protection for your hands during cold weather take a look at head multi-sport running gloves with sensatec. The synthetic leather looks stylish and sporty at the same time. A cosmic blue shade helps with getting rid of smudges and it’s easy to keep it in good condition.

Thanks to the attributes of the material, sensatec gloves keep your hand instantly warm. A small amount of added stretch allows you to accomplish a perfect match with the user’s hands. The whole surface is strongly impregnated to prevent the gloves from drench. A useful convenience? The touchscreen fingers that allow you to use your mobile devices without uncovering the hand.

Touchscreen support
Small size

Good for cold, but not extremely cold weather
Consider buying one size bigger, to make sure they will fit

No risk no fun

Cevapro Winter Gloves

Rated 4.3 out of 5

Perhaps you are the amateur of extreme states of mind and living: you travel far, workout hard, dream big and carpe diem is your motto? And you often feel that no external obstacle is strong enough to bother you?

Surely you’ll love the innovative best running gloves for extreme cold weather. Whether you cycle, climb, jog, or do races, the high-quality performance gloves will help you achieve the best results in your activities. What makes all the difference is the durable and tear-resistant material. The fleece of gloves is cushioned with polar which insulate thermal lining and is crucial for your hands to maintain an optimal temperature and comfort.

Secondly, consider the anti-skid design, which will provide stability for any grip and support. The gloves palm uses non-slip wear-resistant silicone, which is contributed to increasing your dexterity while stormy and cold weather. The whole surface is waterproof and windproof thanks to the waterproof coating.

This characteristic will be useful also while dealing with snow or while taking a winter relaxing stroll. This model is also equipped with touch screen technology on thumbs and index fingers of both gloves which make using your smartphones easy and flexible event during unfriendly weather.

Multi Occasion
Touchscreen support


Light & fit

TrailHeads Running Glove

Rated 4.3 out of 5

The TrailHeads Running Gloves is a model that is perfect for literally anyone: lightweight, stylish, full of useful functions. The model is suited for both men and women who care about a look and comfort as well as endurance and high-quality product.

Lightweight running gloves are the bull’s eye as a gift for an active person or simply for anyone who enjoys their hands warm and cozy during outdoor walks.

Let’s take a look at some specifics.

The light material is a blend of spandex, nylon, and polyester, as they are the most popular fabrics when it comes to controlling thermal lining and preventing from sweating or freezing. This model is therefore equipped with special moisture-wicking technology.

If until that point you avoided outdoor gloves because you were afraid that they may restrict your agility and range of motion, this model will dispel those doubts.

The TrailHeads Running Gloves consist of double-layer stretch cuffs, which allows the glove to stretch in 4 directions and ensures a secure and comfortable fit for every hand. Wear them on fall and spring temperatures – for coldest winter days try more warming fabrics.

Touchscreen support
Waterproof & Windproof

Best for cardio activites, heat can escape if you're standing still

Feminine & strong

Running Gloves for Women

Rated 4.2 out of 5

Here are gloves that will complete your leisurewear with style and high quality, stretch fabrics.

Make your bicycle and ski races fully convenient again with waterproof women gloves!

Made 100% of polyester, multifunctional, and running women gloves are stretchy and fit for every hand during multiple activities such as cycling, hiking, nordic walking, riding horses, and many others.

They are also perfectly fit under your ski mittens, and other bulky leather gloves worked as liner gloves.

Provided with highly sensitive touch screen technology gloves are coated with a premium conductive fabric on the thumb and index fingers. No more losing or clenching glove in teeth while using your mobile devices! Check out how easily and flawlessly the touchscreen fabric interacts with a variety of screens.

The light fabric provides comfort and anti-slid thanks to non-slip silicone on the palm.

The thin gloves will effectively increase the strength of your grip that is necessary for keeping many outdoor sports safe and pleasant! Check out their breathability, durability, and flexibility and you will appreciate how the new gloves meet your expectations.

Touchscreen support
Comfortable grip

Better get smaller size than you would normally use

Brighten your way!

Flashlight Outdoor Gloves

Rated 4.3 out of 5

When it’s dark, you turn on the light. When you’re outside you usually use a flashlight in mobile or a torch. When you need your hands free, you use a headlamp.

But what if… your hands could brighten your way?

Now, this is possible with a new model of running gloves with lights. No more being unseen for drivers or bikers during late nights runs! Imagine repairing a small malfunction in a car after twilight.

The led flashlight gloves seem to be the best solution to have a constant and fluent inside of what you are fixing. Or, for example, during fishing at dawn, you might struggle with the wobbly boat or tiny rod’s cord while trying to stuff a bait on a fish hook. The finger flashlights gloves have built-in two LED lights – on the thumb and index finger.

Gloves are very comfortable, as they are made of cotton. The fabric is breathable and stretchy, besides the strap is adjustable, comfortable to wear, and fit most of men's or women's hands. In every moment you may turn off the light using a special button that is placed on the back of the glove.

Ordering the lighting gloves you will get a battery that work lasts for 30 hours and a small screwdriver inset. The mechanism of battery replacement is simple and uncomplicated.

Can you imagine something more practical for tinkerers, runners, or everyone who needs some light on their path?


Only for warmth weather

What type of running gloves is your favourite? Check out all the types and give us your opinion!