How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night with a dry mouth? Or even during the day, sometimes you get that parched feeling. These are signals of dehydration but going without drinking water for too long is not the only reason. A lack of moisture in the air also leads to that sensation of dryness in your mouth and on the skin too. With winters approaching, this is going to become a bigger issue. How do you fix this? Buying a humidifier is one simple solution.

What is a humidifier?

The appliance does exactly what the name suggests. It releases water vapors into the surrounding atmosphere at regular intervals. This process is effective in maintaining a certain level of moisture content in the air. There are different types of humidifiers, most of which have sensors. They automatically detect when the percentage of water vapors in airdrops under a level. The humidifier activates and releases steam or moisture into the air. To learn more about how humidifier works & what is the story of that great product go to its Wiki Page.

Why do you need one?

Humidifiers are essential in areas where the climate remains dry too often. Use of heaters inside homes during winter can dry out the air. This can lead to a lot of physiological and physical complications. Besides the parched feeling, dry air can lead to nose bleeding. It can also result in cracked skin and lips. The internal functions of the body also come under threat. The body maintains internal temperature through the use of various mechanisms. Sweating is one of them but it only occurs in humid conditions. The body lowers its heat through sweating and if it can’t do that, a lot of things begin to malfunction.

The issues that humidifiers solve...

Besides providing a way out for health issues, humidifiers also solve some other issues like restricting the spread of germs inside homes. The influenza virus, which is responsible for flu, thrives in conditions where the moisture content in the air is low. Humidifiers also help in soothing the symptoms of certain diseases like respiratory disorders etc. When you enter a dry room, you feel pressure on your sinuses. There is also a burning sensation inside the nose and throat. With the use of humidifiers, all these issues can be addressed and resolved.

Best humidifiers available in the market today.

When it comes to humidifiers, there are a lot of options in the market these days. They vary based on a number of factors. Some are classified because of different prices. Others have features and technologies which justify their prices. For our comparison today, we are going to analyze options according to price ranges. There are three divisions that will come under discussion. The first are humidifiers under $50, the second category is the ones under $150 and then there is the rest which cost more than these.

So let's move to best humidifier buying guide for year 2020:

Under $50

Starting off with the humidifiers which are available for under $40. There are several choices in this category on the internet but it is hard to tell which ones are as good as advertised. We cut the effort for you by shortlisting the top five among each category. Since the ones to come under discussion first are less expensive, they are small and work best for a single room or small office. They come with many distinctive  features too and every model has its own pros and cons.

Cool Mist Humidifier

First on our list is the Cool Mist Humidifier from Pure Stream from mist humidifiers group. It comes with a 1.5L water tank which is enough for small space. It has several functions like auto shut-off sensors, 20 hours operating time and night light. It is silent when it operates making it ideal for bedrooms and even for use in baby rooms. It is also effective when it comes to allergy relief. Maintenance is also easy and the small appliance is easy to clean. It does leave a small puddle of water around it after a few hours of operation so it is better not to use it on carpet or wooden furniture.

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VAVA VA-AH009 Humidifier

The VAVA VA-AH009 is more aesthetic than the Cool Mist Humidifier from Pure Stream. It is oval with a design that helps save space and looks like an ornament or decoration piece sitting on the furniture. It has a smaller, 1.8 L tank and the controls are straightforward. It has a dial knob which controls the flow of air. The filler cap is at the bottom and an LED indicator shows optimal operation. It requires a constant power connection and doesn’t support wireless operations. The night light is also missing which means that it won’t serve as an ideal thing to place on a nightstand.

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TaoTronics TT-AH002

The TaoTronics has a shape which resembles the Cool Mist Humidifier but it is long and sleek in comparison to the other. It has two nozzles instead of one and a bigger 3.5L tank. It is available in three colors, i.e. blue, brown and purple. The smart indicators let you know when the water level is dropping below a specified level. One of the biggest drawbacks of this humidifier is that it is difficult to clean. Besides the low water level indicator, it doesn’t have an auto shut-off function. The 10-hour battery life is also not impressive and some users complain about inconsistent noises after long term use.

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Under $150

Now, we move into the category of humidifiers in the higher price bracket. The biggest distinguishing factor between these classifications is the area for which these appliances are used. The Humidifiers which cost $50 or under are good for a single room or office cabin. As the price grows, the humidifier gets bigger and therefore can easily operate in a bigger area like the entire house or office halls, etc.

Aprilaire 500

With a price of $158 and availability in four variants, the Aprilaire 500 is the first choice on our list. There are also bigger variants of this humidifier but they cost even more. The Aprilaire 500 comes in automatic and manual style. It also has models which serve different areas. One is adequate for 3000 ft2, the next for 4000 ft2, 4000 ft2 with no drainage requirement and lastly a fan-powered humidifier which can service 4200 ft2. The Aprilaire 500 has digital controls and automatic settings. It has a specific focus on maintaining the health of individuals using the space where it is operating. It maintains an optimal humidity level throughout the house or office. The installation of the product is not included in the price. Unless you know how to do it on your own, you will need an expert which costs an additional $200 per unit.

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The beautiful looking MIRO-NR08M is another cool humidifier which doesn’t serve huge areas but it justifies the price in other ways. It has a cool design which can blend in with fancy surroundings. The controls have LED touch panels and the humidification is also very powerful. It has a small water tank and despite having some extra features, in long term usage, it only seems worth the investment if you are looking for a fancy fragrance disperser and humidifier in one.

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Philips 200 Nano-Cloud

The next product comes from one of the most renown electric appliance manufacturers on the planet. The Philips 2000 Nano-Cloud costs $129.99 with free shipping on Amazon and is well worth the price. It works by drawing in normal air, adding water molecules to it and emitting the same to ensure a natural flow. The humidifier has automatic settings which detect the optimal levels in the environment. You can also set it to work at specific levels and there are three percentages to choose from. It also comes with a sleep mode and is easy to clean. The product has a crude design and will stand out if put in an open location.

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Skuttle 190-SH1

The wall mounting Skuttle Drum Humidifier is energy efficient and durable construction. It can disperse almost 17 gallons of moisture every day. The drawback of the system is that although they say that the humidifier is easy to install, it is not. There are several components missing and the hose pipe is also shorter. So, there is more than $50 worth of hidden installation cost when buying the appliance.

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TaoTronics TT-AH018

TaoTronics made an appearance in the first category. The products from the company offer a lot of value for money which is why there is another one in this category too. The larger 5.5L warm and cool mist humidifier from TaoTronics can easily work in large rooms. It might not be appropriate for the whole house because of the size. There is one issue with the TT-AH018 that it leaves a white mist over things lying close to it but this can be eliminated by placing the humidifier far from them.

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Large space humidifiers

Last but not least are the biggest humidifiers that you can find. These are appropriate for connecting to central distribution systems so that they can equally distribute the moisture throughout the house or large commercial space. These humidifiers can cost a lot but they are important in winters or else the people inside these spaces can suffer the consequences.

Aprilaire 800

This is the big brother of the previously discussed Aprilaire 500. There are also 600 and 700 models available in the Aprilaire range. All of these are capable of working in specific areas. Aprilaire 800 is the biggest unit of the company. It is steam humidifier which can cover as much as 6200 ft2 worth of space. It can work with normal water and it is not necessary to purify it. The humidity levels are also set to maintain optimal health conditions.

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Horticat U80

The second choice is relatively less expensive against the Aprilaire 800. In fact, it is half the price at just $300. Obviously, though it has a lower capacity. It connects to the main water line and can distribute as much as 80 pints of moisture a day. The wall mounting makes it convenient for usage in homes and offices. The thermostat and automatic detection of this system, however, is prone to issues after a few months of use.

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Venta LW25G

Costing the same as the Horticat, this humidifier can control air moisture levels in a way which ensures a more comfortable sleep. The air cleaning and humidifying are also helpful for limiting the spread of germs and other disease-causing agents. Customer reviews are rare for this product so a clear picture of the pros and cons during usage is hard to trace.

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Emerson HSP2000

Another complete house steam humidifier from Emerson. This one costs around $575 but the capacity and output which it offers are extraordinary. It can cover a minimum of 1400 square foot worth of space. The output is almost 16 gallons a day which is just as much as the Aprilaire 800. Installation can be a challenge with Emerson HSP2000 and requires some additional constructions to hold the unit in place.

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MIRO-NR08BT Luma Touch

Ending with a fancy 600 square foot humidifier and fragrance dispenser, the MIRO-NR08BT has Bluetooth connectivity and powerful output. The price is steep at $300 but the unit is quite powerful in operations. It is easy to set-up and clean. The materials are durable, so is the construction. It can operate for 8 hours straight at maximum power and 24 hours at minimum. The touch panel controls are another cool feature. Overall, it is something which is more of a luxury than a necessity.

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In conclusion, it is safe to say that the final decision is all about individual preferences. One product can be optimal for someone but not meet the requirements for another. This selection narrows the work you may have to put in while choosing a humidifier but you can pick anyone that ideally suits the space and other factors that you want to address when buying a humidifier.