Practical Health and Wellness


Practical Health

Simply stated, Practical Health is good health in practice. It’s doing what you can to stay healthy and to reverse or eliminate disease.

Healthy Fruit Practical Health is also prevention. It’s not doing things that bring on illness. Illness is no fun, so why invite illness into your life?

Finally, Practical Health is lifestyle, a lifestyle of good choices, of healthy choices.

While it’s not necessarily health food oriented, Practical Health does call for a certain amount of common sense, or what people once knew about good nutrition before the food industry infiltrated our lives for the sake of profits.

Practical Health is what took my parents and grandparents into their 80′s and 90′s: simple things, like balanced, home-cooked meals, rather than fast-food restaurants and processed foods. And wholesome foods made with real ingredients rather than cheap, chemical substitutes and artificial preservatives.


Medicine defines Wellness as being healthy. And it is. But in alternative medicine, Wellness means so much more.

Healthy Young Woman SmilingWellness, in holistic terms, is mind, body, and spirit in healthy balance. Wellness is a state of health that gives a person a satisfying feeling of well being.

Wellness, as described by Halbert L. Dunn, MD is also an integrated way of functioning that moves the individual toward making the best use of their human potential. It is not only physical in nature, but also psychological and spiritual because it does involve the health of the complete person, body, mind, and spirit.

Self-Health Solutions

Self-Health Solutions are practical things you can do to overcome illness and disease. They are also things that promote the wellness or well-being of the person as a whole.

Natural RemediesSelf-Health Solutions
include taking responsibility for your health, not neglecting your health, and avoiding things that endanger your health.

Self-Health Solutions are also non-medical answers to health problems that can sometimes be approached in more than one way. These can be tangible, for example herbs, specific foods, and food supplements. Or they can be intangible, such as attitude, imagination, laughter, and what has been called the alpha state.

Where wellness comes into play, Self-Health Solutions are the positive things that can lead one toward integration and a feeling of total well-being, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Medicine has its place, and for some things such as dealing with life-saving emergencies, managing unbearable pain, and treating illnesses such as juvenile onset diabetes and kidney failure, it is often the only sensible answer. But when it gets into spurious areas such as trying to control cholesterol to help peddle drugs, or areas where there are safer and even more effective alternatives, it is getting into areas in which it really doesn’t belong or areas where alternatives should be allowed.

Medicine is too much about pushing dangerous drugs and other ill-advised — not meant to be a pun — treatments on an unsuspecting public. Just listen to the side effects described in some of the drug commercials that have been running on TV in recent years. Then look at the stories that hit the news about them, such as four the week of January 13, 2008.

Most often, what ails us is self-induced or caused by the choices we make and the way we live. Practical Health, Wellness, and Self-Help Solutions are about being responsible and making better choices in every part of our lives.

“Health care is what you do… sick care is what they do.”
– Lawrence Stepanowicz, ND


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